Sunday, February 21, 2010

Phew!! What a week it has been. If one did not know me better, I would be called the social butterfly :P Occasional perks of being a media person entails free passes to events. And thats what most of last week turned out to be. Caught James Taylor Quartet and The Brand New Heavies as part of the Skywards Dubai Jazz Fest. Nibbling on yummy finger food and sipping on one's poison of choice, enjoying the music and all in the comfort on your company's special enclosure makes for a enjoyable musical experience. Or not. Feeling exclusive must be great but not when it is coupled with a live concert which is all about engaging and interacting with the audience for the performers. Having said that, most people eventually went down closer to the stage to enjoy their music better. After the jazz fest, it was the women's quarter final matches for the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championship. Ramila and I watched the Zvonerova- Azarenka and the Pavlyunchenkova- Willliams matches from a great vantage point. Besides the thrill of watching Venus Williams in action, what made the evening memorable indeed for me were these two 7 or 8 year olds who were relentless in their enthusiasm to get everyone to make Mexican waves!! Weekend was movie time - Precious, The Blind Side and The Book of Eli (for the second time). I cried loads while watching both Precious and The Blind Side. Must say the short list of movies for the Best Picture is a fantastic one with each one giving the other a serious run for its money. I sure as hell hope that it's not Avatar beating the rest of the movies to the trophy.
Also over this weekend, I have finally acquired a T.V. for myself. So some part of my Saturday was spent buying it and then installing it. Felt great hooking the T.V. and the D.V.D player all by myself. When all this wasn't happening, Kruti invited me to a rehearsal of Malhaar - Dubai's first and only Indian choir. Malhaar is performing at the India Club on the occasion of Holi. Found the experience very interesting and listening to great music -both classical and folk just made me very happy!!! It's already Sunday morning and I feel like I have done everythingbut relax this weekend. Maybe I'll do that while watching a movie this evening on my brand new T.V. :P
LOL!! Laters...
P.S.:- Saptak, the latest offering by Mekaal Hasan Band is an absolute delight and a fitting follow up to Sampooran. Get Coke Studio also if you haven't already

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