Monday, January 25, 2010

After frantically devouring Mad Men back to back over the past month or so, I have run out of TV shows (downloaded, of course) to watch. This made me realize that I have completely grown out of the habit of watching shows on TV. Isn't that ironic considering I started by talking about my current favourite TV show? Yup, its become a case of continuous consumption that lasts as long as I have all the downloads. Gone are the days of waiting week after week with bated breaths as to what happened to the protagonist. Times are changing.. Post Mad Men, I am now trying to catch up with Big Love esp since its recent good run at the Golden Globes. Also watched "The Men Who Stare At Goats" this weekend. The movie is quite enjoyable with its subtle underlays humour often directed at the actors and/or characters. The movie made fall in love with Boston's "More than a feeling" all over again. "The Last Time" did not some how hold my interest as long as I thought it would. Also got passes to watch the Bollywood musical in town "The Merchants of Bollywood" at the Palladium, Dubai Media City. Loosely based on the true story of Vaibhavi Merchant, the production was extravagant with its WOW moments at regular intervals. Being a purist regarding Indian classical dance, there were few things that irked me about the performers as well as the audience but all in all a great show!! Another reminder that few joys are unparalleled to a great live performance. Listening to this adorable song from the movie Ishqiya called "Dil toh baccha hai ji". This latest Vishal Bharadwaaj offering starring Naseeruddin Shah, Arsha Warsi and Vidya Balan reminds me of Thiruda Thiruda at least from what I saw of the teasers and trailers when I went to watch 3 Idiots. Definitely look forward to this movie. Wonder if this too will be dark like Kaminey..

I am also chatting intermittently with my sister who recently two of her wisdom teeth pulled out. This caused a lot of irritation to my younger and her older brother who bemoaned his lack of wisdom teeth. Well she shared a quote which made me burst out laughing and I am signing off with " You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun!" :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So it's already another year.. a new year and one can certainly hope that it's better than the last. The year did end on a sad note for me since I lost the first man in my life - my father. And I mean with all my heart when I say one needs to go through loss to understand the full meaning of the word and to be able to say with empathy " I know what you are going thru". I know I can now never be the little girl who thought her dad was the bestest and the smartest and the handsomest and any other superlatives one can think of . No more "Oh, I can always check with dad.. he will certianly have the answers". No more "Dad, that joke you shared this morning made it very difficult for me to keep a straight face when our neighbour was talking to me". No more "Dad look at that frame, wouldn't it make a lovely photograph". I must admit I have not been the most obedient daughter. We have had our moments of friction but all said and done, Dad was always there for us. Dad has hugged me only once since I grew into a teenager and that by far will always remain the tightest bear hug of my life! Dad was the cool person I wanted to be! I am glad I did get to spend time with him as much as I did . And like my friend Deepak said to me "You will realise that this is but one of many lifetimes together and you will see him again and know that you have been there before". Comforting words indeed. R.I.P Dad.. Love you and miss you. Real bad...

Talking about loss, this post and revisting my blog to clear the virtual cobwebs due to inactivity was prompted by the fact that I just finished watching this movie about redundancy called "Up in the air"and the movie ends with the testimonials of people who were made redundant and it made me think of the day I was told I no longer had a job. And it made me tear up (also helps I might be PMSing). It is adversity that is indeed the true test of one's character. I only hope that everybody who got made redundant over the past year and a half or so, has found himself/ herself in a much better place.

Speaking of a year, Preseident Obama completes a year in office. The memory of watching him take the oath is one that will remain clearly etched in my mind. Moments that define/ create history are generally of that kind. What he or has not achieved can be debated to one's heart's desire but that he has created history in more ways than one cannot be taken away from him.

Here's to another year filled with hope...