Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been a long time.. certainly has because I dod not even remember the fact that the last time I had posted something was in May and not March. Nevertheless, finally things are settling down so to say. Michael Jackson's death did throw us into a frenzy of activity on air but all those extra hours were well worth it. Having never done any other form of media, Radio holds for me an undying fascination. I cannot explain the rush I get every time I sit in front of the on air console and have to hit the play button or do a link (even if its a dummy link for practise).. some things never do change and I hope this buxx never dies for me :-)

This weekend has been quite. Watched Last Chance Harvey starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Like a review rightly described it, the movie was an ordinary story made extra ordinary by the calibre of the performances. It was a treat to watch Dustin Hoffman in a more meaningful role after his recent appearances in the likes of Meet The Fockers!! A tale of two strangers - an overworked and tired jingle writer, who is a stranger to his own family with a career going downhill and a middle aged woman working with the public statistics agency at the Heathrow airport, who meet each other at the airport lounge and begin what seems to be an unlikely romance, makes for a delightful Friday evening watch. The story has neither a plot that has not been written before nor are there any innovations in the "technique" so to say but what makes this adult romance poignant is the performances. It is an absolute delight to watch Hoffman and Thompson breathe life to the characters. A definite must watch if one asked me. Don't expect earth shattering cinema, but if you are in the mood for some good old romance.. then Last Chance Harvey is a good bet.

Well.. my head is full of half written posts.. which shall some day hopefully make their way to the blogosphere but right now, the dishes in my sink are driving me insane, so see you all later!!! :-)

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