Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back Again!!

My sweet cubicle mate and colleague at my new place of work made me realize that it had been quite some time since I last visited my blog or posted something.
Post redundancy, life has been a whirlwind of activity- be it the play, getting in to the groove of my new job, making space for new people in my life, reconciling with the exit of some old ones, getting the every day of life sorted out. Phew!! The list is endless!! But I am not complaining.. Lord knows I am not!

Well it certainly looks like my tryst with broadcast and Dubai continues. My new job assignment is again with a radio network based out of Dubai. So a Dubian I shall stay for a little longer.

Coming back to things that have happened, the run of our plays was bitter sweet. While the performances were outstanding, the audience turn out for a few shows left much to be desired. But that did not dampen our spirits on most days :) Must admit, this was the first time I did manage step on a lit stage and the feeling of light on your face and the empty space which is the audience is quite something. No, I did not perform in this production but I certainly will in the future. I also managed to squeeze in a very very short trip to India for my visa run. Was great to see folks, catch up with friends, attain closure on some issues. That’s what I love about a visit home. Always grounds me, makes me take stock of situation and also helps me refocus ( if need be ) I think everyone should have a place to go to where one can gather his/her thoughts, rejuvenate oneself, take stock and move on. In my experience, people also help attain that at times. And I am so pleased to say I am blessed with both places to go to and people to meet who can help me achieve that!

My new job assignment is keeping me quite busy and not to mention gainfully employed ;) Since it’s a slight departure from my job profiles earlier, it’s also an interesting learning curve. All in all, life’s good!

P.S.:- I think I may have finally found a place to live too!! Details post the move..

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