Monday, January 12, 2009


The phenomenon is global but the effect is always felt locally. And after months of hearing about friends and acquaintances' stories of redundancy, and seeing them live in the fear of losing their jobs, I find myself in a somewhat similar situation. I have been made redundant. Yes, I am truly a jobless bum in the gelf at the moment :)

This twist in the kahani should be interesting. I can delude myself about having a "paid vacation" till I find a new job..... At the moment, having gone through disbelief, anger and grief( I know its not yet over), I am getting myself organized. Not bad I would since it has only been 31 hours since our entire team was told "You all have been redundant with effect immediately". Just like that! At the moment I feel like I have lost a very dear one and am having to be the one to receiving the condolences- reliving those last few minutes and the entire event over and over again.

Have got a fair amount of asinine behaviour from "well meaning" acquaintances, viz.,

Q- What really happened
A- We were made redundant
Q- No,what really happened?
A ( in my head of course)- @#!$!#$.
A( as it comes out of my mouth)- Need to go now cos I really dont feel like "talking about it". Bye!

Even worse are the patronizing types, "how are you feeling?", "are you ok?" enquiries. Though mostly well meaning, they really dont serve any purpose except to fill up the awkward empty spaces with idiotic words.

If you know someone who has been laid off:-

  • Please dont offer platitudes unless you find out if the person willing ot talk about it.
  • Though very well meaning," dont worry things will work out", "whatever happens is all for good" statements can be extremely badly timed.
  • Volunteer emotional support but offer it only when asked for.
  • Dont try to get into a "my life is a lot worse than yours" contest with the person cos you might still have a job in hand. And its not about you anyways right now!
  • Offer a genuine bear hug, kleenex and/ or just be a patient listener. Some times that is all one needs.

As far as I am concerned, being out of a job is not all that bad since I have all the time in the world to blog now.. Watch this space for regular updates on "Kissa Maddy Ka" :P

And yeah, its not the end of the world.. so chill maadi :)

P.S:- I will definitely miss playing music and yapping on the microphone! No two ways about it..