Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being a broadcast professional is not always fun and games. To be honest, most often it is a thankless job because we are working odd hours and on holidays, there is always pressure to perform well, we are always under scrutiny and public memory is shortlived. But there are some occasions when one feels so good about being one! In my case, the 5th edition of DIFF definitely and undoubtedly has to be one of those occasions. The chance to see so many great film makers, story tellers, thinkers under the same roof and actually be rubbing shoulders with them, chatting with them( even if it's work) definitely makes me feel great to be there! I mean, I get to hear Harry Belafonte, Deepa Mehta, Oliver Stone, Nicolas Cage, Dilip Mehta and many other intellectuals speak!! How cool is that! But amid my joy, a curious incident on my way home from today's show at DIFF at the Madinat Jumeirah ( which in my opinion, has a quaint charm of its own quite unparalleled in Dubai!!), made me look at the whole event in a new light.

So, after calling it a wrap on what I thought a good show, I hailed a cab and headed towards the studio to prepare for some of the things I need for my show tomorrow. After some time, the cab driver started talking to me. He looked at me very as- a- matter- of- factly and asked me " I see this film festival happen every year. What comes out of it? " which of course, translated to " How does this high culture affect my existence?" And this question posed to me while I was still reeling from the fact that I just heard Deepa Mehta and Harry Belafonte speak!!! Fair enough I said to myself.. and tried to explain to the man in the best way possible that festivals are great for smaller films to be showcased, people from the film fraternity to network and catch up on each other's work etc etc. He did not buy whatever I said right away. But he asked me " Can I go watch a film there?" The way he asked the question made me realise that "high culture" is so often exclusivist and almost classist/snobbish! I had almost reached the studio by then. As I alighted from the cab, I gave him two vouchers for the festival and gave him directions and names of some movies, mainly from the subcontinent that I thought he might be interested in. And I think the satisfaction of seeing the poor man's expression was all that I needed to make my day feel worthwhile. And mind you, the joy of a job well done not withstanding, the driver's happiness still felt so much better!
Like I said, some days (actually most) being a broadcast professional feel so good! :-)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Picture This..

The date - 18th August,2008.
The place- Ravi's restaurant, Satwa

The air besides being thick with the dust and humidity, is also thick with conversations/debates/ discussions about Pakistan Post Musharraf. 18th being the day Musharraf resigned. Now, Ravi's( pronounced Raavi's) is a place that any die hard foodie MUST visit whilst in Dubai. Located in Satwa, it is very much a down town Pakistani eating joint where the gora tourists and their brown cousins from the subcontinent rub shoulders with each other while they enjoy their biryanis, paayas and teekaas. Part of the people enjoying supper are seated 4 women aged 26, 28, 37 and 46 respectively. All of them beautiful and smart in their own right catching up each other's life and sharing a happy meal. Right across them, in another table, are seated a bunch of young Pakistani men who obviously were enjoying their meal while also giving an American colleague a crash course on desi cuisine. As happens in such scenarios, when there are two groups of opposite genders, a decent amount of "checking the other person out" takes place. Both the groups finish off their meals and are at their resp tables chit chatting post khana. Now,one of the men in the group happens to be wearing a really cool t shirt which has a picture of a White House Checklist very similar to the image below, except that Canada and the Blue States were replaced by Pakistan and China.

This funky t shirt catches the attention of one person in the other group, who points it out to her friends and on an impulse walks up to the guy and compliments him on the t shirt.The guy, of course, is very flattered by the lady's attention and offers to give the t shirt to her. She, at first, taken aback handles the situation quite well, thanks him and starts to walks away. At the same moment, our pal runs up to his car, take the shirt off, changes in to a shirt and walks back to her with the t shirt in tow. Right in the middle of the road!! He, requests her to take the t shirt which she does and walks back to her friends who have been watching the whole event unfold. And if after reading this, you are saying to yourself " no ways!!".. think again.. because it really happened.

Now, I will leave it to your imagination to figure out which one of the four women made the guy take his t shirt off in public. Kindly post your answer along with why you think so...

The answer post your comments .... So watch this space

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Earworm for this week!

My earworm at the moment is this song by one of my favourite bands of all time- Zero 7
The song is called "The Space Between". Besides the haunting quality of the tune, I love the words and in my state of mind at the moment, it makes a lot of sense...

Now that you're older
Taking the time to look
Back over your shoulder
On the days confusion took

Now that you're wiser
Surely you've learned to read it
You should know
No surface shines brighter
Than the light that burns beneath it

Never so sure
We always take more
Though we still don't know what it's for

Now that I've seen you
Stripped to the very core
I know that I need you
Less than I did before

Never so sure
We always take more
Though we still don't know what it's for

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to talk to girls... ask a 9 year old!

For all those shy guys, help is at hand. And the kind soul who is the beacon of light is a 9 year old schoolboy. Click here

The TIME  gives it a "Read" verdict. I would say the same too. If for nothing but a good laugh :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Now how far this incident it true remains to be validated but it sure makes for a GOOD laugh!
Sorry for the rather long TLA.. but better late than never they say.. and now before someone, like Martin Crane, remarks "Shut your big bazoo and stop rambling".. I shall promptly do so!
Yours truly is truly an NRI now.. what with having completed a year in Doobai and in the process becoming a true Doobian. Quite an year it has been and a very fast one at that too.
So I was wondering what I should do as a mark of this milestone in my life, I just thought I should pen down some of the most memorable things/ things I have cherished over the past year.
So here goes...

  • My moment of epiphany! Yes, yours truly knows what she wants to do for a good chunk of her life.. YAY to that! And what a moment that was and what com incidence that it was on the 4th of July, the American Independence Day
  • The day when I paid my last credit card bill. Being debt free is quite the feeling. Definitely high on my recommendation list!
  • The ability to be able to do so much more with the phoren paisa back home :)
  • My roomie and JG along with A, the four of us are a typical Sex and The City sisterhood. If one was a fly on the wall, one would really know what I mean!
  • The joy of playing really good songs while sitting in the On Air Studio with the headphones cranked up really high! Nothing to beat the compliments from listeners after a job well done. Believe me when I say, we Indians have a song fr every occasion!
  • Being able to live out my journalistic ambitions as a talk show host.
  • Going to some very nice places free of cost ( yes yours truly can be cheap ) all in the name of work.There have to be some perks on the job eh? ;)
  • Lying beneath the stars on cold sand. Dune bashing, at least once in a lifetime, definitely recommended.
  • Sunsets and moonrises over the desert.
  • Discovering Lebanese food and Sushi.
  • My bond with all the people I consider friends, both here and back home in India.
  • My first trip back home in Sept.
  • The T shirt incident at Ravi's ( watch this space for more details)
  • My moments with the susterhood- S,JGn A and I
  • Random acts of kindness from people around me
  • Good friends I have formed here in Doobai- and trust me when I say good friends!
And not everything has to be hunky dory, I have also discovered:-

  • I have a piled on a couple pf kilos- 3 to be precise :(
  • I have great potential to be a full blown case of OCD
  • I am a snob when it comes to level of intelligence and I am quite proud to be one!
  • I am not really the extrovert that I might have had occasional delusions about being one
All in all, a very enlightening year it has been. And hopefully, this will mark the end of the dry blogging spell. Thanks L for egging me to blog. I know this is not great stuff but it s what matters to me.. Thanks for everybody's patience reading this post. Watch this space for more :)