Sunday, July 13, 2008

There are more than.... I really have lost count of the number of half written post drafts in my head. Obviously, its a lesson learnt that there is no point procastinating because the thought once lost is gone forever. Even if you retrieve fragments, its is never the same. At this point, the filmy drama queen in moi wants to break in to a sheesha ho ya train of thought ho aakhir toot jaata hai!

Today has been a productive start to the week, my laundry disaster not withstanding ( I basically multi coloured t shirts as well as lingerie now). Finally seem to have gotten back to the routine of watching movies (at least two over the weekend) and books (reading Toni Morrison, Eco and Tony Parsons simultaneously). Mamma mia and WALL E are both a must watch! Cant wait for The Dark Knight to hit the screens.

Well, that has been the present. Over the recent past, I must say I have been witness to a lot of Sex And The City Moments. But what has to take the cake was me and a very dear friend, JG walk in to the emergency room and later the cardiac unit of a hospital to visit a mutual friend with a MacDonald's take away- a super sized fries, Big Mac burger and a Mcflurry to top it all!!
I have to say with moi- aisa kabhi hua nahi, jo bhi hua khoob hua :P

Inshallah, I also get back to the routine of blogging more often.