Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thanks to anonymous for enlightening moi about "Earworm".
The current song I am earworming a lot nowadays has to be the title track of Tashan.
And to keep my sanity and cinematic taste at a decent standard, I refuse to digress about the inane movie. What I love about the song is the energy and attitude that comes forth.Vishal- Shekhar have succeeded in making a rock anthem out of the title track. Lyrics, too, do equal justice.

There are things one does to pay bills and others to feed the soul. The former is taking precedence in moi life right now, so much so that everything else is taking a backseat, including my blog :-(

But over my period of absence from the blog, some of the things that have happened to either moi or people close to me :-

Hearts got stolen, some hearts broken, others being mended, some successes at work, some miserable failure on the personal front, new additions, some departures, joys cherished, grief and sorrow in some cases shared and in others experiences in solitude, some hurtful truths discovered, some delusions indulged,  some rose to the situation, some ate humble pie....basically, life lived.

What I must share with everyone and what might come across as a total lift from Sex And The City is a friend who found out that the guy who was wooing her actually maintained an excel sheet of every woman he met/sexual encounters he had had- complete with date(s), positive qualities that worked in favour of the person, type of experience et al!!! :P