Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The blog has definitely and unfortunately become a monthly affair, going by the frequency at which yours truly has been putting up posts. The dashboard and yours truly's head is overflowing with half drafted posts which might never see the light of the day for whatever reasons...

Anyways, the month of April is almost over.. and here comes this months installment.. and hear this.. this post is being typed on MAC!!!! MWHUHAHAHAHAAHAAHA

Yes! Yours truly is a PROUD MAC owner. This baby just feels so good!
Yours truly is in love all over again..

Speaking of love, leaving everyone with a very dear friend's definition of love, which yours truly thinks has been the best she has heard in a looooong long time. Here goes "When all the impressing one another, romance and the sex is done over with. After all the fights about the wet towel on the bathroom floor, the open toothpaste tube, the families and relatives are over.. when its just me and him, whatever is there between just the two of us.. thats love according to me "