Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Somedays are not so happy and you want to rant about it to the entire world. Somedays are happy and you want to just be.. today is definitely one of them...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Yours truly is getting domesticated!
No she is not going to drop everything in the world to become Mrs.X and wait with jasmine laden hair and a cuppa chai for the piya to get home.. No sirree no.. she is just cherishing the joys of having her own pad.. even if it is on a sharing basis. Tis quite a nice feeling to walk into your own home, do things at home, cook and clean. So for now, yours truly is enjoying the honeymoon period of getting domesticated. The phase lasts how long.. wait and watch :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Having finally made the transition to live radio, yours truly is coping with being a presenter ( no one is called an RJ this side of the globe). Its work in progress to be honest but quite a revelation. The listeners here are so warm, welcoming and sweet! Have had quite a few brushes with "fans/ listeners". The sweetest has been the 10 year old girl who gave me chocolates and a rose a day before Valentines Day. Also mentionable is a listener called Hiroo Hiralal. No.. I am not kidding people have names like that! The man has a story about how he met the Shah man and was the inspiration for the title of Hero Hiralal. Also there are listeners who send us gift hampers and sweet dubbas for festivals. What can I say.. the listener loves us! :P

Saturday, February 16, 2008

If last Valentine's Day was an overdose of "nice mush", this year it was "er... ok -mush". I mean in terms of something, a steady staple of which remains a constant in my life no matter what. And dont wrack your brains trying to think of the vice I might have. I'll do it sooner than you can guess. It's movies! If last year I thoroughly enjoyed Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore's on screen chemistry in the light hearted V-Day offering Music and Lyrics ( Don't miss the parody on Wham! and the very nice - Way back into love on the OST), this year I had my patience tested for three and a half hours waiting for Jodha and Akbar to finally get on with their love story!! Though a very expensive film, I was sadly disappointed by the lack of attention to details in some scenes. The war scenes were so " Oh I also wanna make blood and gore look esthetic like 300", it wasn't funny. Hats off to whoever did a brilliant photoshop job on Aishwarya on the movie posters cos she looks old, drained and tired in most of the scenes. There must have been a serious shortage of glycerine for the soap queens since Ash must have used up most of it crying in the movie. Hrithik looks like a Greek god and for good reason. Rehman's background score has become predictable for Ashutosh Gowariker films now. Kehne ko jashne bahaara is a lovely song. Khwaja mere Khwaja, though nice is a force fit in the plot. Ila Arun totally adds to the saans- bahu angle in the movie.

I know I am being extremely nasty, but If Ashutosh Gowariker had to make a film about the "untold love story of Jodha and Akbar", he could have very well done it without making us warm seats for almost three and a half hours!

27 Dresses is another movie which I did catch over the weekend. I regret paying 30 AED for something which would be well worth catching on TV.

Something I did not mind doing over the weekend was the Peanut Butter Jam which happens every Friday at the Wafi roof top. Its basically an informal jam and performance session that lets people enjoy the music while chilling on bean bags. And of course, there was the lovely soup at Pauls, Thai food at Wok Inn, not so happening minestrone at the Dubai Marina, tut- tut pasta at Dome and divine cherry cheese cake at Dome. So much for a not so happening weekend :P

Life, unlike, the movie is whizzing past. Its already been over two and a half months in the Gelf. The Dubai Shopping Festival this year I am told is not as great as it is usually. yours truly is not really complaining because she has shopped enough ( I think) already. One doesn't really need temptation leaning on the doorbell. Esp here where temptation is all over the place.

Learnt a bit about widows and orphans in publishing parlance. Dont know what it is? Google maadi ;-)

P.S.:- This blog was posted under the influence of an extremely strong sugar buzz caused by excessive intake of cherry cheese cake accompanied by an on going state of sleep deprivation. So if anything pisses anyone off, it was probably meant to be that way :P

Ciao for now...

Monday, February 11, 2008

There are days and then there are some more... And then there are days when you are so glad to be doing what you do!
I have to do my show throughout DSF from a mall called Lamcy Plaza. Usually though the show is meant to be high on the interaction quotient, it is quite difficult to find the "right" people to put on air. And then on some days lightning strikes .. like today. They were a couple with their grandson. It was obivous it was their first time in Doobai. I asked the lady if she wanted to go on air and she gladly agreed. Being a professor of English literature, needless to say, she was articulate. When we got talking, I found out that they have been married for 42 years now and the icing on the cake was the fact that they got married on the 14th of Feb.. of course in a time and day when Valentine's day did not hold too much of a significance for them except that it was a good muhurat :)
Meeting them made my day. And I was still smiling to myself long after they had left the booth and the show was over. And as my cab pulled away, I caught a glimpse of the husband taking his wife's pictures.. and all I can say is Love is in the air!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

If temperatures in Mumbai are not indicative of global warming.. gawd knows what is!!
Everybody's pretty little (or not) touche's having been freezing away this part of the globe too. But that did not deter me and A from pigging out Gelato's last night and watching Sweeney Todd. Tim Burton's musical was impressive, very stylish, the singing a tad bit over the top. But definitely deserves a thumbs up. After last enthralling us as the idiosyncratic Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp is a revelation (once again) as the menacing barber done wrong and lost his senses. His behind is also very very cute... I know I sound so very single right now! but hey... I am entitled to my fair share of eye candy even if it is Johnny Depp as the eveil barber on screen.
Moving on.. living alone can also be quite a revelation! I recently discovered washing pullovers in the machine is a very good idea.. if you want them to be hand me downs for your nieces who wont be able to wear them for another decade (thats after they are actually born). I can also now proudly say "Honey I shrunk the.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yours truly has been missing in action for quite sometime!! Quite being an understatement. My mind is full of drafts or stuff I began to draft for the blog but never go around to posting eventually. Work is taking off at break neck speed. I do not know if its a fact or if it is me but it feels like the speed at which days pass is directly proportionate to your age!
Life in Doobai is pretty much settling into a routine (albeit boring right now) of sorts. Work - home- work. Weekend is catching up on dirty laundry.. maybe a party or movie. Long drives are no longer an option since my chauffeur friend has relocated to apna Bharat. The biggest thrill being live on air. The listeners in this part of the world are really sweet!! I got a box of chocolates and cookies when I did my first outdoor broadcast. Another gentleman brought the crew lunch.Small little things that definitely make my day. While the show and my on air personality gets sorted, DSF unfolds. The fireworks at the creek are outta the world to say the least. Feels like watching fireworks wearing 3 D glasses.Haven't really gotten around to shopping. Movies and books also seem to be taking a back seat for now considering a good chunk of the waking hours is spent at work and doing work related stuff.
Did manage to read 'The False Impression' by Jeffrey Archer and almost done with 'The Hard Way' by Lee Child.
P.S.I Love You is a movie that made me cry loads and loads and feel happy - sad. Atonement was a la Titanic for some weird reason for me at least .The Hoax starring Richard Gere and Alfred Molina was interesting. A movie that I completely adored was 'Once' - a nice musical with a very simple, sweet storyline. Looks and feels like a movie made by a bunch of friends fooling around with their songs and video camera over a weekend.
Just got a pass for a screening of Sweeney Todd. So Ciao from yours truly for now .....