Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Did you know that not many people have residential postal addresses in this city? I got to know this recently when I had to ask my landlord for the postal address of the house I stay in. It was quite a rude revelation not to mention shock too. Almost all expats have to use the office address for all correspondence official or personal. Aisa bhi hota hai!
I have been fortunate enough to witness rains in Dubai. Witness is definitely the word to use because by the time one gets out to experience the "rain", its over :P
The weather has been amazing the past few days. Very chilly but just the right weather to get out on drive or just cuddle up at home with a book or watch a movie. Speaking of books, finally finished reading "False Impression" by Jeffrey Archer. Now reading a humorous and thoda filmi light hearted novel called "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella ,the story of a stressed out lawyer who in a strange turn of events find herself masquerading as a housekeeper when she is probably the worst at housekeeping! Its been a good read so far.
Oh shoot! I almost forgot. I had a photo shoot yesterday (no pun intended). My first official one so to speak. Before I give you the juicy details, I must add a bit about the prep for the shoot. I had to carry "a coupe of outfit changes", which my colleagues gladly helped me out with. Now carrying all the stuff was as good as packing for a small trip! The nervousness about the shoot aside, the traffic was REALLY bad en route the studio. When I got there, to my disappointment( ?) I did not have to change too many outfits and the bottom half of my outfit/ensemble because it was just mid waist and close up shots. I changed and the drama began. At this point, I must add that with every brush I have with "fashion/ grooming" (not that I am a hairy woolly mammoth with BO), I really respect the patience that models and actors must have. Also, posing and looking pretty is not as easy. Instructions like " hold your hand here, look cool, hold that expression... and now, thoda face left ko turn karo... haan ab chin aage karo" dont make things easy. But on the whole, good fun! Sab ko ek baar karna chahiye :-)
Its a long weekend here again and I have no plans whatsoever! Inshallah jaldi acche plans ban jaayenge :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The new year has begun on a good note for yours truly. Must thank D for the yours truly expression. I have shamelessly stolen it from him. As I am settling in life in Dubai, I cant but admit that life was more fulfilling back home in Bangalore. Not to sound depressed or sad or homesick, its nothing if that sort except an observation of someone who still feels like an outsider in Doobai for more reasons than one. Who knows this place might become home for me in the near future.. it definitely is the place I HAVE to call home for now. Dubai is a nice place provided one is happy with work-home-work over the weekdays and running errands over the weekend routine. It is a loners paradise. Not to say one cannot have fun here. Of course one can provided one doesn't mind bleeding to death paying the cabbies ( who increasingly remind me of namma Bengalooru auto drivers with every passing day) or owns a four wheeler. Still haven't gotten on a bus, so cannot comment on that mode of transport. Wait a minute.. did I just not say the year began on a good note for me? Then why am I meandering and sounding depressed! :P

Anyways, this week is important since I finally go on air. The big day is on Saturday. And then the roller coaster ride begins!

Watched Taare Zameen Par - Great debut and well reearched product though the movie could have been tighter and not as filmy in the second half. Charlie Wilson's War was an extremely smart and well made political movie. Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts ( with a washboard tummy after 3 kids!! How did she manage that?! looking magnificent as ever though) and Philip Seymour Hoffman.. definitely a not to be missed movie. Something extremely missable was Lindsay Lohan's I Know Who Killed Me. What was the crew thinking to agree to be a part of this movie?! And what were we thinking when we decided to go watch it! Anyways, I Am Legend starring Will Smith looks promising. You know, beginning to realise vis-a-vis the rest of the cities in India, Bangalore is much more English and cosmopolitan in its thought :-) On that note, yours truly signs off...