Monday, December 31, 2007

An hour to go before the countdown begins and yours truly is doing what? Post something for the last time this year. Dunno if it says a lot about me but yeah.. here's wishing you all a very happy new year!!
Keep checking this space next year too :-P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ghar mil gaya!

Ok guys.. I get the message as if I did not get admonished enough in person and on phone for my little hitch hiking adventure. Remember the first place I was in a hurry to get to. Well, thats the place I am going to call home for now .. at least for a couple of months till I find a better/cheaper accomodation in the same neighbourhood. Feels so nice to have a place to call hom rather than go back to a hotel room. So yes.. yours truly is very happy and very relieved and is definitely going to have fun shopping at Ikea and doing up the room :-D
Its a long weekend starting today. Actually its the holiday week on the occasion of Id. So the even otherwise slow pace has become super slow. So not the time one feels like working. But sigh.. kaam karna padega aaj. Koi baat nahin, I am getting to operate a live on air console ( sorry if I sound like a kid in a candy shop but it is so much fun!!), so I wont really compain. In the meanwhile I am also discovering the joys of new eating options and some times really economic gastronomic solutions. Will be moving in stuff over the weekend. So lots to look forward to and as is a dear friend's motto in life right now - just keep moving forward :-)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yeh kahani poori filmi hain..

Some things are universally accepted as acts of stupidity. And hitching a ride with a stranger in a new place definitely tops the list. And yours truly is proud to announce that she did just that. I am as you know in the middle of a frantic search for accommodation in Doobai. And I was to get to a place by a certain hour to check out a potential living space ( I might add the room was lovely and I might end up living there). So since I couldn't find a taxi, I started walking without knowing the route ( hai na badhiya plan). And I reached a traffic signal where I felt lost. Just as the signal was about to turn green, I spotted a fellow bharatiya in his SUV. I walked up to his car window and asked him which way to my destination. He offered to drop me off since he was headed the same way. In the meanwhile, I started getting calls from my potential landlord since he had to go out soon and he was waiting for me. So our man friday took directions from potential landlord and took me to the place. En route, we got talking and turns out he was from Mangalore and surprise surprise, the same day had advertised for a room he wanted to rent out. And yours truly decided to make the best of the situation and asked him if she could see the room. So man friday drives yours truly to the first room, then his place to show the room he wants to rent out and then drops yours truly to her friends place .. not before buying me saapad at Saravana Bhavan :-)

Aisa bhi hota hai... but this is strictly not to be repeated.. even by me!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Life can be so very unpredictable. Was made to realise it even more today... esp if you are stuck in a place so far away from home....

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Thats the word one hears a lot and learns eventually to use a lot in day to day conversation in Doobai. Everything is Inshallah here. Ghar? Cab? Khana? Life? ?Whatever you want - Inshallah sab mil jaayega- lekin apne time ke hisaab se. In case, one did notice the use of Hindi, cant help it bhaiyo aur behenon, because thats is the tongue I am talking in ever since I landed in Pardes. Posting this one on borrowed time and laptop :-P. Just a short update of whats happening in my zindagi . I am settling in. Getting used to the place and desperately looking for acco. Please kisi ko pata hai to bata deejijye!!! Dubai can give even Mumbai a run for its money as far living conditions are concerned. Some of the "fully furnished spacious room with balconies" I saw yesterday were literally pigoen holes!! Anways.. some places were decent. Me is still looking for that one room which I will step in to and say "YES THIS IS IT". Hell I havent been able to say the same about any of the men I have met so far .. so dunno how foolproof the idea will be as far living space is concerned ;)

Till the next post.. keep checking this space regularly.. CIAO!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello and welcome to the latest post on me blog after eons. The geographic location from nanna preetiya Bengalooru has shifted to Doobai. I have been in this city/ country/ part of the world for a little over 30 hours now as I type. So far so good. Still soaking in the sights and the sounds - which unfortunately make me miss the greenery of Blore... a lot! The fact that a good part of Dubai is under construction is not helping. Homesickness has not yet kicked in a big time. Though of course, me is finding it a bit difficult to eat junk in the name of grub. Tonight I might just get lucky.
My first impressions of this part of the world so far
  • The infrastructure is to die for
  • Paki is a very non PC esp since one could end up being your next best friend
  • Even the worst traffic beats the best back home in India any day ( yeah yeah call me a desh drohi all you want but truth hurts at time)
  • The weather in Blore is to die for!
  • Accomodation is not easy to find
  • Water packaged like yoghurt is somewhat strange!!

The holiday season has already kicked in this part of the world too. So all the malls and hotels have xmas decorations - which at times might seem strange and even ironic. And the malls are definitely a shopaholic's dream come true. If you are part of SA (shopaholics anonymous), this is the last place you must visit!! :-P

Well, as the last few minutes of my stipulated half an hour at the cafe' trickle by, time for me to sign off and go food hunting.