Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Human beings are by nature bizzare. Yours truly is not an exception to the rule. Realization dawned on me today evening as I lay with my mouth open while my friend/senior/ dentist Dharam was giving finishing touches to the last of the series of fillings I had get before my departure to the gelf. Now readers of the blog might remember the last time I was lying on the dental chair, the fact that I did not want to get back to dentistry dawned on me. Obviously, the dental chair seems work as the shrink's couch for me. Ek chair mein do body part ka ilaaj!!!! :P

After that inevitable meandering, lets cut to the chase. I realised that lying in a dental chair is actually relaxing for me. Now before anyone deduces it to be addictive like Beckham's penchant for the pain of the needle.. I should add it is nothing of that nature. It is just that the dental chair is designed to relax the back. So it is quite easy to relax and even doze off while one's dentist is working on one's oral cavity for better or for worse :P

So the next time, you are lying there in possibly one of the most stupid positions in the world, just try relaxing with your eyes closed and leave the rest to the dantvisheshagna!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


The word in Hebrew means "To Life". Got the meaning of the word from my friend, Divyesh, who reminded me it was mentioned in a song in the movie, Fiddler on the roof.

Yenjaay the video :-) and if you like the video, watch the movie,that is if you haven't already.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thirteen more days and counting.. I guess I am in the " Oh I am going to romanticize everything that on a normal day would get my goat" mode. Ironically, for the last couple of weeks, the auto guys have been the bestest possible!! Strange isn't it, I don't have to spend many a frustrating hour waiting for an auto driver who won't scoot away at the prospect of being offered monetary gain should he agree to drop to my destination. Of course, it is also because work forces me to leave work not before its a standard one and a half times the metre. But that apart, I really am going to miss a lot of things about Bangalore.

The weather, the people, my favourite haunts, the view from the office, the annoying dharnas that happen every other day in front of Gandhi Park, the aloo tikki pav from Arya Bhavan , my coffee sessions at the Eva Mall Coffee World ( where the guys are so sweet to me and Lav and give us chips when we request and dont charge us for it ) , the stroll around MGs and Brigades post work, Blossoms, the movie theaters, the plays at Ranga Shankara, Anju Aunty's food at the Ranga Shankara cafe', the various performances which happen time to time at Alliance and MMB, the masala dosa at Central Tiffin Room ( 7th cross malleshwaram - the bestest dosa ever), the girls and their happy smiles that takes me through another week every time I take them through another class of spoken English, walking like there is no tomorrow around Sankey Tank, Chai sessions at Infinitea, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans which is such a pick me up while walking through Sampige Road or Jayanagar, the markets in Old Bangalore, Spiga food, smileys at Koshy's, Amrit coffee / tiffin breaks on a weekday , dessert sessions at Fresco's, junk jewellery stores in Malleshwaram and Commercial Street, mom's vatta kozhambu, her cooking, dad way of showing he cares by doing sweet little things like making coffee in the morning , brother's display of affection by getting on my nerves, sister always being there for me, gorging on whipped cream everytime me and L are PMSing or having a bad day- either singularly or together, monthly schoolmates get together, late night phone calls with friends which are more like mutual bitch sessions, movie sessions, the once in a blue moon binges, late night drives .... so many things... and these are just a few of my favourite ( Bangalore) things :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watched Om Shanti Om first day second show!! Was quite thrilled to do an out and out masala flick, my last one being Sivaji. Thoroughly enjoyed the unashamed tribute to the 70s and the Karz rip off! Though I must add that six pack and King Khan.. tut tut.. only confusion and definitely not a great combination! Don't you guys feel like the man is looking a bit "weird" ( for the lack of a better term) ever since he got on the "six pack" bandwagon.

Right now, I can only hear Seal singing in my head " time is slipping, slipping, slipping" because I have only 19 odd days left before I say Namaste Bengalooru for at least a year! So many things to do and I haven't even eaten at MTR yet!!! Woe is me! On a less funny note, I am realizing that it's not that easy to wrap up all business in a place and move to another. Forget the re-inventing of the proverbial wheel in the new place, just wrapping all unfinished business in the current location is quite tedious. God how I wish I could be Michael Keaton from Multiplicity for the next two weeks so that I could meet all the people I need to say a proper good bye to, finish my notice period peacefully, soak as much of Bangalore as possible and then just merge into one person a day before my departure!! Sigh... If wishes were horses :-P

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I am really really sorry for not having posted anything in a long time! ( long would be an understatement!).. been busy trying to wrap my mind around making a few drastic changes in my life. No, I am not undergoing a sex change operation :-P. But yes, I shall be relocating out of Namma Bengalooru end of this month for work reasons. I shall be moving to Dubai.So busy slogging out my notice period and all the accompanying "stuff". So do watch out this space even posts are regularly irregular!

P.S.:- Please go watch Stardust. Its lovely movie esp. De Niro as Captain Shakespeare :-)