Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Must watch!

For some, Randy Pausch's speech might come across as run of the mill pop gyaan. But one has to admit that the man has great spirit.

Here is the man on Oprah

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The first one

I have been thinking about doing something "hatke" on my blog for some time. And then I came up with this new label - conspiracy theories. My over imaginative mind does come up with some absurd and the occasional interesting theories to explain stuff to myself some times. So I thought it would be good to put down stuff and possibly entertain people. For all you know, I might end up sounding like a rehashed version of Murphy's Law.. :P

Today poor P and A came into office completely pooped and exasperated by the mammoth traffic jam around Airport Road. The fashion in which the day started through P completely out of gear.. more than that, the decibel level on the roads made him feel like he was losing his mind. In his own words, he just wanted to abandon his two wheeler at that very spot and run!! Which brings me to my theory on honking on the roads....

Remember, community prayers meetings/bhajans/kirtans, where lots of people get together and channelize their energies towards one single purpose?? Well, nowadays, I think the dynamics of traffic also follows the same rule. Whenever there is a traffic jam, people getting into their fervent prayer mode, all of them praying for delivery from the jam and how do they offer their prayers? By honking as long and as frequently as possible. Most people seem to be believe that the continued and prolonged honking will actually translate into a higher physical force which will push the traffic forward and relieve the people from their quagmire.

L has a similar theory. She thinks that since people cannot communicate with each other in traffic, they use the horn as a means of communication. Come to think of it, the auto and truck drivers must have a secret honk code. Pay a little more attention and the next time around, you might actually read the message!! :P

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am back. Albeit after a long break. Too many things happening that blogging sadly took a backseat.Promise not to let this happen more often.

So what have I been up to? Well, I had four lovely days of work cum pleasure at GOA!! Also the time I got to be a happy shutterbug. Click here for photua

And then of course, I turned a year older and hopefully wiser on the 8th. Thanks thanks for the wishes :P but I must say my birthday was a perfect day! Couldn't have asked for more. Got showered with so much love from all the people who know me that I was very touched. Not to mention I felt as lucky as Gladstone Gander.Seriously!! One of the books I wanted was the last and only copy available. I got special treatment in the bank once the lady found out it was my big day! My colleagues got a "thematic" cake for me with tons of chocolate in it. My schoolmates gifted me a perfume I have been looking to pick up for ages!! I got a yummy rumcake, champagne mousse for dessert, three very different and interesting books.. what can I say.. life is beautiful right now.. :)))) sigh...