Monday, September 24, 2007

There is never nothing happening

Its strange.. sit still for some time without thinking or doing anything and all you are immediately accosted with so many events happening all around you simultaneously with their accompanying sensory counterparts. Sometimes, on a bad day it can be an overload , at least for me. But on most days, it can be quite interesting and entertaining.There is never nothing happening.

This struck me more than ever as I sat on my table alone, sipping on my Viennese hot chocolate, waiting for the clock to strike 1.45 PM so that I could meet Debby for our Bourne Ultimatum movie date. The plastic bag theme from American Beauty was playing soothingly into my ears while I was soaking in the sights and other sounds around me and the so many random thoughts running in my head. I could feel the whipped cream just melt in mouth while the air was thick with the aroma of freshly ground coffee. There were also traces of the floor disinfectant. "Its the time to Disco" played faintly into my ears but loudly for everyone else in the coffee shop. The staff were having their daily dose of healthy banter in a battle of the sexes sorta way. Thats when a conversation a little left to and behind my tables caught my attention. There were four voices and thus went the conversation.

Voice1 :- Ok, its decided we are getting you a step cut
Voice 2:- But Mom!! why can't I get one like hers?
Voice 3 :- Yeah Aunty, this cut might suit her better.
Voice 2:- Yeah Mom, and I can leave my hair open. And I think I look much better that way.
Voice 3:- True Aunty. But It is important whoever cuts her hair knows her job and does it well. She needs to be given a good haircut.
Voice 4:- Well.. have we decided.
Voice 1:- Alright.. Lets get there and see. Come on girls, shall we?

Now how old do you think the girls were? Take a wild guess. I took a good look at them and they did not look a day older than 8!! Things are a changin' huh...

The foursome make their exit. A lady sits across me with a huge textbook and orders herself a croissant.The song on my player changes to the Pink Panther theme and its time for me to make my exit too. And I think I must have looked pretty strange to the woman sitting across me at the coffee shop because I was smiling all the way out :-).. while families were walking in to the mall for their Sunday brunches/lunches and couples walking in- some of them glad to find their privacy in a public place (isn't it ironic?).

Truly, there is never nothing happening - Words of "Socrates" in the movie - The Peaceful Warrior

Friday, September 21, 2007


Alright.. Kay, here I go second time around.Thought I had somehow wriggled out of it :P...Anyways I have thought about a middle name for moi. And that would be MIA!!
No no... not the Missing In Action variety but the Mia Farrow type. Besides the fact that the actress is an admirable woman, I choose this name bacause Mia in Italian means "mine".

Moving on, name facts:-

M - I wish I was Mad!! I mean in the whacky creative sense of the word.Thats something I would want to be.
I - Ingenious
A- Adventurous.

There I have done it. Phew! And now i have to tag three people.. and I choose..
Deepak, Kay and Priya..

Here are the rules people:-

* Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
* When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
* At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beauty of uncertainty

My current favourite song. Written and sung by KT Tunstall from her new album Drastic Fantastic. Can't get it off my head since I heard it yesterday while producing a segment about the album. A very good album on the whole with each song stading out on its own. Well produced album. My pick from the lot would have to be this one....

I need a mirror
In the eyes of a man.
I need no protection
From my bullet-proof plan.

I've got a ticket
For all that I lack.
You might think that I'm gone for good
But I know that I'm coming back.

Sit at my table
Sip from my bowl.
Feel like I know you now
And I will do until I get old.

You might not see me
But trust that I'll stay.
But there's no sense in traveling
If we've already been that way.

Night is a matter
Hidden in grass
Bite like a light
Depends on the ways
To see how long it lasts

But you know better
You stand your ground
Might just stain a little
But she knows you're sticking around

The beauty of uncertainty…

Adventurous or just plain stupid?

Today, I got to know about a man who starved himself to death hitch hiking his way through U.S.of America. The flip side being, he did this out of his own volition and what's more Sean Penn is making a movie out of it. To know more about the McCandless Phenomenon, click here.

Sab log mere saath gaao "It happens only in Amreeka"!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So much for the initial enthusiasm..

Readers of this space must have read the piece about how Maddy was enjoying her aerobics. It might be a revelation that she hasn't gone to her class almost the entire month of September. Of course, her poor time management could be a good excuse for the truancy. Maddy claims she has been too drained to get her backside off the bed to make it on time to the class. Of course, the weather also seems to be a partner in the crime- another one of Maddy's claims. Tsk Tsk. Once the weather gets better, which is not before next week, Maddy will be off to Goa for a conference( talk about mixing business and pleasure) and wont be back before October- thus effectively bunking her aerobics classes for the entire month! Thus negating the possibility of Maddy getting "in shape" before her birthday in the first week of October.. Yeah sure,that would happen when pigs fly!! Will Maddy get in shape atleast by the New Year's Eve.. watch this space

P.S.:- In the wake of her impending Goa trip, Maddy has also been rueing the fact that she can't swim. So the next thing on her "I started off- but did not complete it" list might be to learn swimming.. the second time around!

So I have been tagged...

Finally, I have been tagged by life rocks! I have to think of a middle name that I would like to have and list as many attributes as the letters of the name and tag as many people. Hate to be the bummer here but I seriously cannot think of any other middle name that I would love to have other than my present one - NIVEDITA. Yes, I belong to that group of people whose parents follow the first name-middlename- last name system. And I also belong to the tiny group of people who are perfectly happy with their name.So sorry to break the "tagged" chain but dont have any one to tag.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Maddy is losing her mind trying to cope with the demands of the myriad pies she has her fingers in. As a result of which, she shall not be able to blog for some time. Thank you, Vidya for tagging me. Shall post something about it soon.. as soon as I can sit calmly for some time and gather my thoughts and have the strength to type it all out.

For now, Maddy is over and out.
Watch this space...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Seene mein jalan...

This song from the movie Gaman is arguably one of my all time favourites Hindi songs alongside Ghulam ali's Aawargi. The lyrics by a lesser known Shahryar bring out the irony and the pathos of life in a metro. Though the song reminds people of Mumbai, as is meant to do, I find this can stand for any city since we are on our way to "Frowning India" than a shining counterpart of the same. Sung beautifully by Suresh Wadkar, this song was also his debut as a playback singer. Enjaay maadi like I do everytime I listen to it..

seene mein jalan aankhon mein tufaan saa kyon hain ?
is shahar mein har shaks pareshaan saa kyon hain ?

dil hain to, dhadakane kaa bahaanaa koee dhoondhe
patthar kee tarah beheesa-o-bejaan saa kyon hain ?

tanahaee kee ye kaunasee, manzil hain rafeekon
taa-hadd-ye-najar yek bayaabaan saa kyon hain ?

kyaa koee nayee baat najar aatee hain hum me
aaeenaa humei dekh ke hairaan saa kyon hain ?

My apologies for not posting anything for some time now. What to do man, work is there means no time for extra curricular activity wonly. The last cuppal of weeks have been verry busy and also bisi in terms of work and otherwise. So finally on a jobless Monday afternoon post lunch, I decide to pay some attention to my blog which seems to be on the brink of dying away should I neglect it any further. Listening to Bol na halke halke from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (the only thing worthwhile about the movie) while my keyboard makes those pleasant tapping noises whenever I manage to find the brain and hand co ordination :P. Coming back to moi, the past few weeks have been good but extremely demanding on me. This weekend especially has been a trip down memory lane because I met two of my friends from college. One, my classmate and another, my senior. My classmate recently became a proud mother of bonny baby girl. So this weekend was the first time I saw her in her newly acquired mother/ superwoman avatar. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see her essay her role quite effortlessly. Surprised, because I have known this friend of mine to be the most care free-cum- intense person. I know, its a weird combination. She is some one who will instantaneously remind one of an overgrown child. So, to see her as a doting mother was quite something. It seemed like yesterday I made her run all over the hostel searching for my room when I did not stay there in the first place!! Sigh.. time flies. Soon all the chickas in my class will have chickas of their own. One is already sending her son to school. Two ladies are waiting for the stork to visit them sometime this year. No no, worry not, I am not going to do a Bridget Jones number about how I am single or blah ... I am happy where I am. I know I too have changed and grown since the time I left college. But it really feels good to see them and realise time is slipping....