Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its a coup(e')

This is a bit late to be writing about last weekend.Was in Chennai last weekend. Since I did not get tickets on any other train for the return journey to Bangalore, I had no choice to book myself and my sister in the first class on " Bangalore Spl Express". A special train it was because it did not arrive at the platform before 12.30 am when it was supposed to depart at 11.30 pm!! Anyways when did get to our compartment.. lo behold! it was a coupe'!! We were thrilled to bits since we had never travelled in one before. Of coure, it would be too much to expect the first class to look like the way our grandfathers and in some cases fathers have described to us, but it was good nonetheless. Since the railways no longer makes first class compartments, the few trains that do have these compartments are probably the last of their lot. Dunno abt men but the coupe' is extremely woman friendly since once the dorr of the coupe' is shut, one doesnt have to worry about letches, luggage or safety. and trust me, it helps one sleep better!! So if you do get a chance to travel in a coupe', just do it I say!

Where are you??

This has probably been done before. I will not claim I am going to give a whole new twist. This is just a result of observing people because you have too much time on your hands. This particular incident happened when me and a colleague were waiting at the busy Cauvery Emporium signal to cross over to the other side of the road to try and get an auto. As always, its a busy signal. But what is interesting is that Cauvery emporium is a rendezvous point cum pick-up point. I did not mean the "hey- wanna have a good time- these are my rates" kinda pickup. Chhe.. dirty minds I say. Coming back to what I started to write about.. So, the emporium is a good landmark for women/ men to wait for their better halves to pick them up, for friends to meet before they head out as per their plans etc etc. So, we were waiting and a guy ( decent looking, 27-ish) pulled over in his car and sigh.. to pick up his wifey/ girlfriend. As he was pulling over looking around to catch the woman of his dreams, his phone went off and it was obvious by the way he spoke that it was the significant other on the other end of the line. From his expression, he had either had a fight and was trying to make up or he was terribly late!! His first words were " Ummm, where are you? I am already at the signal.." and suddenly another phone started ringing and this time it was a chick who answered and spat out the words "where are you?" That's when it struck me, the new greeting in vogue is "Aah.. where are you?" :P

Come on now.. think about it, how many times have you not answered the phone with "where are you?" when you could have said a polite "hi!! where are you?" See.. I told ya.. times are a changing ....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Drum Jamming on I Day

"Inge avaale ellarukku drum kudukaraanga. Andha Vasundhara Devi ille Vasundhara, avodhaan idha organize pannara" ( There are giving everybody drums to play here. That Vasundhara devi is organizing it). Well, these were the exact words I overheard an elderly gentleman speak into his phone. Venue - Lumbini Gardens, Nagavara Lake. Event- Drum Jam by Beat Root. Murphy's law sure holds true when it comes to best laid plans. So it turned out that I wasn't leaving on the 15th to Chennai as I thought I would. And since Lav mentioned about the drum circle, thought it would be a good idea to check it out. After checking with "all" my friends, it was juts two of us who landed up for the event. Must say it was an interesting idea- a drum circle. Its basically a large group of people getting together and jamming with only drums and other percussion instruments. What is to be noted it that a good percentage of the gathering usually has no prior experience / knowledge of drumming. Its more like a collective effort to find a common beat and rhythm and have fun! Usually drum jams are considered good team building activities and not to mention great stress busters. And as I realized, good workouts too. So coming back to the one we attended yesterday, the turnout was quite good surprisingly. Almost a hundred people turned up well before the event was to commence. There was also a lot of media coverage which turned out to be an annoyance with reporters and cameramen trying to ghusofy everywhere. Not to mention, the camera suddenly being focussed while one was playing was reminiscent of the embarrassing wedding videos when the cameraman shoots in the most poor light while you try to eat your food without looking overly conscious or embarrassed. We played for almost two hours. And it was awesome, thoroughly enjoyable and liberating. By the end of the jam. most of the people got the hang of the instruments and also how to keep up with the beat, improvise and have a blast. Roberto did a fantastic job of being the conductor/moderator of the circle. By the evening, I was air drumming involuntarily :-) A drum circle is something I would totally recommend to everyone looking to do something different to unwind. Definitely made it one of the most memorable Independence day celebrations I have had.

Watched Mr.Brooks and Perfume back to back in the evening. Thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Kevin Costner is back with a bang in this crime thriller. William Hurt as his alter ego is also good. Dummy Moore tries hard to be the tough cop. Anyone interested in perfumes will enjoy the latter film. Ben Whishaw as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the perfumer obsessed with "catching scent" to create the world's best perfume is chilling and sinister. After The Prestige, would rate this one as good turn of the century movie.

Well, I am off to Chennai for the rest of the week. Woohoo! A well deserved break I'd say. Dunno if its only me, but I feel its a Sunday today...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Battle at Kruger

Its the most talked about video right now. Two days ago, when TOI carried a writeup about the video, it had an estimated 7 million hits. Today its got more than 10 million and is counting. Th amateur video footage of a herd of wild buffaloes chasing away a pack of lions which attacked a calf has caught everyone's fascination. Must admit the video is gripping. Looks like a scene right out of wildlife movie. The hilarious part for me though was the audio recorded in the background. It has the voices of the people who were present there while the footage was being shot. The last part of conversation, where one person suggests to the person shooting the video, that he could the footage and make money out of it took the cake.

Check out the video here

Lift it higher.. just one more time

Statutory Warning:- I am writing this blog in third person because I want a change. If it gives the reader an impression that the writer has Multiple Personality Disorder, its a distinct possibility.. :-P

Maddy has had an adventurous year, at least as far as trying different forms of physical activity are concerned. Of course she is not trying to lose weight or anything. She is just bored of the sedentary lifestyle she has begun to lead. She paid up for a year's membership at a gym, but did not go for more than two months because she sprained her back and was advised complete bed rest and she completely lost the rhythm. Not to mention, the instructor made her feel very de-motivated. After a swimming class, which clashed with her work timings so much that she did not get past learning to paddle and a disastrous Salsa class with a horrible and impatient teacher ( boy, there are too many of the kind aren't they?), trying to walk with an inconsistent partner, she has finally decided to go by herself and try Aerobics!! A week and she is so far enjaaying herself. The class is good- forces her to get her backside off the bed by 530 in the morning. Of course, her joints and muscles are as stiff as a grandmom and she finds herself ashamed whenever she cant bend down and touch her toes without bending her knees ( too many bends in a straight sentence here.. ok that was a bad attempt at pun), but she admittedly is liking it. she confesses it makes her feel nice and charged . She has even begun walking without slouching. Now how far she sticks to this new measure to help her reach her resolution of toning up before October, watch this space for updates.


Though its been just a week since I last posted something, feels like its been ages! Work, of course, has been keeping me on my toes. Now I dont want to bitch about it, so lets leave it there. Have been struggling to come to terms with having to let go of something very close to my heart for almost 5 months now. If I sound like I am in an AA meeting, so be it, I need the outlet. I think I am finally coming to terms with the harsh reality now that no matter how badly I want it, I cant have it. Must admit its very difficult to let of a good thing. Like Sexy said in Cheeni Kum, "humein happy-sad hone chahiye". And happy-sad I am.Its one of those days that makes me wish I was a kid again. Any problem or situation which seemed overwhelming, I just had to go to mom with it and voila!! it wasn't a problem anymore. Talking to her had this magical effect of making the problem disappear. Wish I could do it today...

My mother - truly a superwoman in her own right. A bundle of contradictions. I am yet to see a fighter like her, a woman of determination and perseverance. I am also yet to see a more submissive wife like her ( in some ways). Hats off to her, for going through whatever she has gone through to make us stand on our feet and make us what we are today. I am sure, I would survive a day in her shoes. A bundle of energy, even though she has been battered and bruised enough by life. Haven't seen a person with more simple joys. She will feel on top of the world even if her kids got her an ordinary cotton sari. Someone for whom a few words of kindness will mean much more than the jewels and diamonds. Haven't seen a more diabolical person also :-P God when mothre get conspiring. I know there are days when I cant stand her. But there are lots more days when I just need the pallu of her sari to make me fall to sleep no matter how insomniacal I am. She is someone who can totally undersatnd me, yet not do so. Whatever our differences, I know at the end of the day, she just has noble intentions. Well, that is my mom in a nutshell. Better late than never, did not do anything for her for Mother's Day ( not brought up on the idea), so today I write a post for her. Though i know she will never see this blog ( she doesn't know I blog), this is for you ammai!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Got time to kill??

Try out this hilarious link where in one can make your own movie. Good for a a couple of laughs. Might remind you of the time when you mouthed hilarious dialogues while watching a ridiculous movie muted on tv.

Click here