Friday, June 29, 2007

Arrre Waah Sivaji boliye!!!

Considering I end up posting a blog most of the times on a weekend, might as well rechristened my blog "maddy's weekends" ;-). At long last, this week is over. Been sleep deprived for most of the week one, because of the travel to Chennai, work and movies :-). My refresh deadline has been met with successfully and I'm glad!! Not that it is like the completion of a succesful missile launch or as momentous as Sunita Williams landing on earth safe and sound. Watched a beautiful movie called "Cinema Paradiso". Loved every moment of it. It's definitely on my list of top ten favourites.Then of course, the highlight of the week was that a huge gang of 28 from work (better, bitter, significant halves, friends and family included) went and watched SIVAJI!!! Yeah baby, finally watched the 90 crore extravaganza. Initially thought would end laughing at the movie ( which I did whenever there was too much willing suspension of disbelief and believe me there were lots of instances) but in totality the movie was 100% paisa vasool. Sushil landed with his whistle which was put to good use. We shouted, booed, cheered, clapped. All things atleast I haven't done since I watched Lagaan sitting in the dress circle!! Rajni definitely proves himself as a entertainer. Vivek's humour steals the thunder from Rajni in places. Sujatha's dialogues though a mish- mash of Rajni's earlier movies do pack a punch. Shankar as usual has gone all out with the extravagance and the scale of production. Rehman's music is nothing great home to write about.. personally that's what i thought...

All in all Maddy's ratings:- For entertainment 10 on 10
For willing suspension of disbelief 15 on 10

The dialogues at places were outright hilarious... " Sachin adiccha sixer, Sivaji adichha Stretcher"
(If Sachin hits, its a sixer but if Sivaji hits its a stretcher). The stunts are a reinforcement of eth fact why Rajni is so popular in Japan and China.. that's cos the stunts in his movie are just like their crouching tiger and hidden dragon :P..

Congrats to Dee who is going to start of a new chapter in her life.

A brand new month and a brand new week is here. Have things to look forward to like my salsa classes, working out regularly again, and a weekend trip or two to Chennai, Things I'm not looking forward to include a visit to the dentist ( very very long due) with a possible root canal :(( and the pain of getting an auto once the rains pick up. Cant think of anything else as of now...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another weekend... but a great one!!

Been quiet some time since I posted something. Life has been quiet hectic of late and to mention majorly sleep deprived . Had a lovely weekend in Chennai. Met my dear ammamma after 7 years!! Luckily it did not rain while I was there but the cloudy weather coupled with humidity did not exactly help the situation. but it was great fun catching up with lots of folks. Was nice to see my mom and her sisters talk to each other in malayalam suddenly in the midst of a tamizh sentence. Made me wonder if the same would be the case with us three siblings.. of course the language would be Kannada here. The beach though dirty was a good change. Made me realise how i missed something like a beach in Bangalore. Was such a relief to be able to on an easy chair in the backyard under the shade of a mango tree and read in peace during the day and just chat like no one was in any hurry to stop the conversation during the night. My ammamma with her witticisms which came in spurts.. dont we just love our grandmothers for that!! That and her memory.. she remembers stuff about my mom's marriage which even mom doesn't recollect. Of course, she is the family data reservoir now.. who after her I wonder...

Chennai was well.. Chennai. Pondy Bazaar is still crowded like its going out of fashion. The fragrance of jasmine flowers is still all pervading. The beach is still dirty and the traffic is just getting worse. The biggest hoardings and the most innovative ideas to sell silk sarees ( what with jodi pattu and the free matching cell phone pouch) and also jewellery. People thronging GRT like gold would disappear from the face of this earth if they did not buy their share today. The only place where will weather out the most humid day in a silk saree :P... This time though Chennai also reminded me a lot of Hyderabad the way it was last year when I visited it.. Gonna definitely make a few trips to Singaara Chennai before Aug, before ammamma takes off to NJ and possibly never return..

Anyways, back home in Bangalore ( yeah this place feels like home now), my favourite coffee shop, the St Marks Barista is shutting down. It was its last day today. The building is going to house Hard Rock Cafe I'm told. So my reaction is very mixed. I am quiet sad I cant walk into Barista like I used to anytime and have my coffee or order a cold coffee with whipped cream to cheer me up. I remember the countless days I have begun my day with a cuppa there before heading to work. The evenings after work when I would just order my coffee and read. So many happy things shared. So my sob story sessions. A venue for rendezvous with friends, old and new. A place to just and soak in things around. Sigh.. Went there yesterday and had my last cuppa with Sushil. Walked in today afternoon but did not want anything, so just took a good look at the place and walked out. Sad but true that life will still move on...

Now something more exciting and definitely the talk of the season.. But of course, I'm referring to Sivaji. Finally got tickets to watch the movie on Friday night. And dance classes begin monday. So stuff to look forward definitely!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Walk in the rain

Today morning, it was lightly drizzling and I walked alone around Sankey Tank(Did not have the mind to wake up Shilp since I myself wasn't sure if I was going to walk) and it was simply amazing!! I definitely had happy feet and a very happy mind by the end of the walk. Sankey Tank looks so lovely when its slightly drizzling and not to mention a lot of the regulars take a raincheck.. pun not intended. One has to make sure that one is wearing something warm like a windcheater and one is good to go. A lot of people must have thought I must have gone cuckoo considering I had a smile bordering on a grin most of the times because I was enjoying the walk, the weather, the music i was listening to so much!! Definitely one of the things to try if you like walking as an exercise along with the rain.

Am so loving the song "In the waiting line" by Zero 7. Definitely the song of the season for me right now. Has been for the last two weeks almost. Love the song even more since I watched "Garden State" again last weekend since it features on the OST of the movie.

Am glad the rains are finally. This is the kind of weather Bangalore should ideally have though it is an anal affliction to get a rick back home in the evening. God forbid, it pours in the evening (which is the case most of the times), then one will have to happily pay a king's ransom to get home. But nonetheless, the weather so appeals to the romantic in me sometimes at the cost of making me totally unproductive at work.. somedays you just dont feel like sitting in front of a comp when if you could help it, you would rather be playing in puddles, sipping hot chocolate while reading a book or watching some nice old movie, or having chatpata pani puri getting drenched in the rain.. Sigh. If only wishes were horses :-P

Me is off to Chennai this weekend to visit ammamma.. Hopefully will have stuff to write about when I get back..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm no Miss Goody two shoes nor am I the evil reincarnation of Lalita Pawar's on screen scary persona.Very very human would be the best way to describe moi. And I cannot tolerate certain things even if my life depended on it. Ok, maybe that was a bit exaggerated but you get the picture.So it takes every ounce of my self control when I'm accosted with "friends" or acquaintances who think they know everything. I'm not talking about the "you know this is what you should be doing with your life" types.. but the ones who dish out professional critiques or think they know everything about your field of work. In my case, I have enough people asking about the business model of my company. I get dished out advice which I should probably pass on to my CEO which in turn will be a life altering experience for my organization. Or sometimes, sermons on how , we as a team, should and could get "more creative".How to sell our product better. The list is endless and I go AAAARRGGGHHH!!!.... And all I can do right now is vent my frustration onto blogosphere. Sometimes I get woken up in the middle of the night by an SMS which is "feedback" from a well wisher about something they heard that we put up on air and of course with a lot of vishesh tippani. Seriously, I repeat myself, it takes every ounce of my self control to ignore that SMS, resist the temptation to reply and further the dialogue.

Baz Luhrmann in his "Everybody's free towear sunscreen" says "Remember the compliments and forget the insults"..I still don't know how to do that Mr.Luhrmannn. I'm guessing its the same with you...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Like many people, I too subscribe to the AWAD ( A Word A Day) by mail ( duh!! But of course). I usually don’t go thru them daily except for once in a blue moon. Yes yes, you can shake your heads ;-). But anyways, before I digress into anything else.. I came across a quote by Richard Bach in one of the AWAD forwards. Curious about his life, I read up on him and found out that the guy was divorced twice over. It came as a no surprise and also as a shock to me. The former because.. the man is a writer and everything he wrote need not have been true.The latter because when I was much younger and a sucker for the concept of soulmates and all that blah, I dug Bach’s books totally. Now of course, come to think of it, a lot of it was well packaged psychobabble at some level. Reading his books back then esp. The Bridge Across Forever made me think Bach and Leslie Parrish were the “ideal and enlightened couple/ soulmates”. Now reading about his divorce, I definitely have a feeling of being let down. This brings me to the question if I’m guilty of letting my imagination getting the better of me or is Bach really that good a writer that he did actually make his readers believe everything he wrote actually happened to him in real life?? Definitely one of those things that make you go hmmm…

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Flowery Sunday

This weekend was action packed but a good bit of it was also work related. Watched “Flowers”- A Girish Karnad play , directed by Royston Abel. Rajat Kapoor played the protagonist delivering the monologue. Well, overall I was quiet disappointed by the pace of the play. Maybe if Rajat Kapoor spoke twice as fast, it would have been much better. But the best thing about the play I thought was the production design and the LIGHTS!! Man, Arghya Lahiri did such a great job with the lights. I have frankly never seen the stage look so beautiful and ethereal. The flowers strewn all over the stage gave me a bit of a headache by the end of the play :- ) But I thought the lighting saved the day for me...

Met my senior and a very good friend after almost two years of him going totally incommunicado on all of us. The guy had and still has his reasons but it was good to see him again. Caught up with him. He is married now.. quiet a filmi marriage I must say. I shall spare the details and leave it to your imagination as to how filmi it could have been :-P

Also met up with another friend who had come down from Mumbai. Picked up four DVDs for myself. Waiting to watch all the four of them.

Monday morning has not been manic as of yet. Don’t think it will be but the week definitely looks like it will have its manic days. Today was a definite departure from my routine of late since I started work at 730. But boy, it felt great to start off so early. Reminded me of the dental college routine of leaving home by 650 a.m. Got into work to be offered “Kaju Kathli” as prasadam by Priya. The Prasad was from ISKCON. I must admit I was appreciative of the idea. Thought it definitely was the coming of age of prasadam catering to the fast food generation ;-) “ Oh, I want the lord’s blessings but I would so love if the blessings came in strawberry flavour today”.. “ tomorrow I may be in the mood for some muffins” “Saturday is definitely rasgulla day”.. cool huh??!! Yes, I am being appreciative as well as sarcastic. But the saving grace is the proceeds from the “prasadam” go to charity.Thumbs up to ISKCON on that!!

This happens to be that time of the year when aunt comes down from Delhi on the annual summer break cum vacation and Paatti is also down from NJ. So that means a lot of “family time”.. Watch this space for more updates…

The last but not the least.. Maddy's learning for this weekend " Dont live in the past". So we are making efforts to stop doing that :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Today’s morning walk was quiet eclectic musically speaking. Sorry but it’s an occupational hazard. Working with voices, music and putting them together and making them sound “nice” and appropriate to the radio station and the occasion makes me think in terms of background score. Kinda like how Cameron Diaz involuntarily visualizes a movie trailer in the move “The Holiday”. Getting back to my walk. I switched on the radio and I started my walk with Venkatesha Sahasranaamam. This was followed by santoor by Rahul Sharma. The station I was listening to then seemed to have an entire hour dedicated to him. Did the guy pop it or has he cut a deal with the station? Anways.. then I heard Pandit Bhimsen Joshi do a lovely rendition of his very famous “Bhaagyadha Laxmi baaramma”. Then it was followed by “Rock and Roll Soniye”. That was when I decided it was time to switch to my music. Then onwards it was Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Sugababes, In Dino. Finally by the time I finished by walk, I was on Pink “If God is a DJ”… So like I said, quiet eclectic!!

Lots of pieces in the newspaper caught my attention…

Pratibha Patil (I swear I have never heard of her until today morning) is going to be the next and the first woman president of our country. Eventually turns out it will be Shekhawat v/s Shekhawat for the race to the presidential office. Not that either one of them is going to accomplish a lot as the Supreme head of the armed forces of our country than be the proverbial “rubber stamp”. At least Shivraj Patil did ring a bell especially since he has held various ministerial berths and also been the speaker of Lok Sabha. Ab tho aisa lagta hain, wo hi ho go jo manzoor-e- sonia hoga. By that yardstick, Pratibha Patil might just become our first woman president since she is a staunch Congress loyalist.

K-Fed might be getting to experience fatherhood for the FOURTH time!! Boy, some one sure needs to keep those pants on!!

The latest thing in getting that perfect smile is here with “invisible braces”. Well, all I can say is we people in the dental fraternity have known it for some time now. It’s just now probably that it is getting popular and accepted also as a successful. Yes, I’m grinning from ear to ear.

There was more stuff but I cant seem to remember now :- (( …. Oh yeah, some “creator/inventor” in U.S.of A (where else) has come up with edible “meat shorts”. Even if he thought it was a great idea, why would anyone want to eat stuff off their (of all places) shorts!! And it not even cooked meat, is raw dried meat!! Come to think of it, might have work for Neanderthals ;-P

P.S.:- For those who haven’t heard “If God is a DJ”, please do so. Quiet a nice song.. to sing and also dance…

P.P.S.:- For those who thought that the digital meters in autos meant peace of mind, think again!! Twice this week I have had the auto jump one whole kilometre on my way to work. Yeah, 100 meters!!

P.P.P.S.:- Thanks Shankar, Susan and CM-chap for checking out my blog!! Yay!! Good to know someone other than friends and family checking out my blog :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A day in my life of late..

Life is setting into a predictable routine for since the past few weeks. Wake up at 530 a.m. in the morning. Well not everyday.. its most of the weekdays. And by most of the weekdays, I mean about three days so far. Then its a walk for forty minutes with Shilp around Sankey Tank or the neighbourhood park. Get back home by 7 max. Then a round of the newspaper with the my cuppa. By then, everyone else is getting ready to start off their respective days since Pedro has to leave home by 8.45 max. Mom and Anju by 9-915. So its kinda cool to be sitting around calmly when everyone around me is scrambling around :-D.

Then of course , the customary breaker while my Pedro surfs all the music channels since he has to have music playing in the background on TV while he is eating. Yeah yeah we are a strange bunch of people living under the same roof. After that, I watch Jay Leno and Old Skool on Z Studio. 930 is shower time and at 10 we are out of the house, on our way to work. Manage to read some 15 pages of Dune on an average by the time I reach work. This, of course, courtesy the traffic and hajjaar signals i have to encounter on my 3.5 km commute to work.

Work begins at 1030. Any normal weekday would probably mean looking into an interview, two promos and five bumpers.... :-P Most of the time, I call it a day by 630 max.Then a cuppa coffee or hanging out post work with Lav , Debs or Sush on some days. Head home. Dinner. Read the Mid-Day (yeah I do read the two bit tabloid.. quiet entertaining I must admit). TV sometimes. Read for an hour or so. Chat with Anju. Then off to lala land. And another day begins before I know it...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gay Paree will put the joie back in your vivre

Paris- the happiest city in the world. The city of love. The centre of fashion, literature and culture. The city which has and continues to inspire poets, painters and writers since time immemorial. The city also happens to be theme for the movie Paris Je’taime (Paris, I love you).

A very interesting creative project is how I would describe the movie. The movie is a montage or rather collection of 18 short films centered around the city, its various arrondissements, its emotions and most importantly its people. The short films/ stories range from heartening, humorous, mushy, surreal to outright bizarre!! It is quiet difficult to pick any favourite among the 17 I saw ( missed the first one because we got late thanks to the lovely traffic). I really liked the mime couple- adorable one that. Also must mention the story of the middle aged American who comes visiting Paris. The Gerard Depardieu film was quiet nice. One could actually sense the bitterness and the hurt beneath the calm and mature veneer of the protagonists. The story of the blind man and his American actress girlfriend (played by Natalie Portman) was also very good. Like I said quiet difficult to pick a favourite. This movie will definitely go down in my books as one which made very good use of background score. The music did most of the talking in the movie. Also worth mentioning is the fact that even the most sad story was upbeat and hopeful. Made me also say “Paris Je’taime” :-)

Definitely one of the most satisfying movie experiences I have had. What was really amazing and also fascinating was how a group of artistes got together and made 18 short films that are so different from each other while being coherent at the same time. Make more movies like this I say!!

Not sure if the movie will play in the theatre later than this Friday. So please, do catch the movie before that. Or at least lay your hands on a DVD or borrow it from a friend who has downloaded it. Whatever you do, don’t miss the movie!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ok Tuesday.. so far

While Delhi is grappling with the maximum minimum temperature at night of 33 something degree celsius, we folks in our old good old no longer pensioners paradise are still waiting for the monsoon to hit us. Needless to add, it has been a warm couple of days here. So when the weather is like I just described, it was weird when I heard “Raindrops keep falling on my head” followed up by “I love a rainy night” on the radio on my way work today.. lol. Talk about projecting ones desires on the air waves!!

I couldn’t but help hum “Ironic” as I got into work ;-)

Found the entire.. I mean the ENTIRE OST of Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 and 2. I must of course thank Lav here. So all you Grey’s Anatomy fans, eat your hearts out!!!

For people who have their hands on the OST or planning to get their hands on it, Emiliana Torrini is definitely someone worth checking out. Her music has a very ambient/trip hop feel to it. Very soothing.Thumbs up to her. The day is not yet over. Hopefully I'll sing "Today has been OK" when I call it a day...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another weekend whizzes by..

It’s been one of those weeks when one gets hardly anytime for any introspection. It’s like a never ending assembly line of one thing after another coming to get you. And before you know the weekend is here and even before you begin to cherish the weekend, it’s manic Monday again!! Am I ranting?? Yeah maybe.. whose blog is it anyways ;-)

This weekend was quiet good. Did manage to learn quiet a few things

  1. The best laid plans do not always get executed. Even if they don’t, the alternative may be as bad as one might imagine it to be. Quiet like the lines from a Boney M song “things may look so different in the early morning light”.
  2. Texas Holdem is good fun ( have a good mind to get over everyone to do a poker night every week)
  3. Sometimes it just makes sense to sleep over a problem.
  4. Nothing is worth more than one’s mental health (famous words by a friend which I totally endorse now)
  5. E reading can NEVER replace reading a book the good old way.

It was a good weekend on the whole. Watched “Oceans Thirteen” on Friday evening. Boy, I must admit I did enjoy it more than POTC-3. Revenge is a funny thing for sure considering the kind of stunts Danny and his boys pull to get even with Willy Banks who duped their good old friend and mentor Reuben. Steven Soderbergh seems to have found his groove with the boys once again unlike the previous edition which according to many was not as tight and was quiet all over the place. The camaraderie is bang on. So is the humor so characteristic of the first offering. There were quiet a few good jokes. Personally I liked the parts where Casey Affleck incites the workers of the dice factory and the part where he is trying to hack the computer. Steven Soderbergh has finally got it right. And he did a good thing keeping the women away from this one albeit Ellen Barkin. By the way, she needs to seriously do something abt the cellulite on her arms if she wants to wear outfits like the ones she wore in the movie. On the whole, total paisa vasool maamoo!! I would definitely recommend the movie to anyone.

Maddy’s rating - 3.5 out of 5

Wanted to catch another movie called “Paris Je’taime” but couldn’t. Hopefully someone will lay their hands on a DVD copy and save me the trouble of going all the way to PVR to watch it. :-D

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Whatte weekend!!!

Tuesday evening is a bit late to be putting up a post about the weekend gone by. Nonetheless. Its been a very hectic and quiet an eventful weekend. Our team won the Excellence in Radio Award for the “Most Innovative Show (Kannada)” for a 12 part series we produced to commemorate the 50th Rajyotsava. Then there was the Aero-amazing-smith concert. Great concert contrary to popular belief maybe because we were right at the front very close to the stage. If I was a man, I would have said what Chandler did in Friends about Ralph Lauren “ I’m no chick, but that guy is a dish!!” about Joe Perry. Then of course, there was a back to back movie session on Sunday morning. We watched Shrek 3 and POTC 3. Of course, we were dead by Sunday evening and possibly screwed for the rest of this week. But everything was so worth it :-)

Here is the picture of the beautiful lady I got to receive and take home for the weekend.